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Sikhs Guru Amar Das Ji (1479-1574)


Guru Amar Das Ji


Guru Amar Das Ji was the third Sikh Guru and like his predecessors he was God in the form of a human. Guru Ji was born in 1479 at Basarke, which is in Amritsar district. His father was Bhai Tej Bhan and his mother was Mata Lakhmi. At birth, Guru Ji's name was Sri Amardas.

Guru Amar Das Ji was born a Hindu and he became a Sikh after hearing some of Guru Nanak's hymns recited by Bibi Amro. Bibi Amro was the wife of Guru Amar Das Ji's nephew and Guru Angad Dev Ji's daughter. Upon meeting with Guru Angad Dev Ji, Sri Amardas became a Sikh and did daily service for him. After years of devotion to Guru Angad Dev Ji, Sri Amardas was named Guru Amar Das Ji in 1522.

Guru Amar Das Ji believed in the equality of all humans. When people of lower classes were having difficulty getting water, Guru Ji had a well dug at Goindwal. The water of this well could be drawn by people of all castes and classes. The Guru Ji also ordered anyone who wished to see him, regardless of status, must first sit with commoners and share the same food in Langar. This belief couldn't have been shown any stronger than when Akbar came and sat in Langar before meeting Guru Ji.

Guru Amar Das Ji did a lot for the Sikh cause. Although Langar was around before, Guru Ji formalized its rules. Guru Amar Das Ji also sent many missionaries around to spread the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Amar Das Ji left this world in 1574 at the age of 95 years.