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Sikhs Guru Gobind Singh Ji (1666-1708)


Guru Gobind Singh Ji


Guru Gobind Singh Ji was the tenth Guru of the Sikhs and like his predecessors was God in the form of a human. Guru Ji was born at Patna Sahib in 1666. His father was Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and his mother was Mata Gujri. At birth his name was Bhai Gobind Rai.

As a child, Bhai Gobind Rai had always been interested in war games. In fact, he would often teach his friends how to use particular weapons. At the age of 11, Bhai Gobind Rai told his father that he should sacrifice his own life for the Hindu cause. With these words, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji knew that his son was ready for the Guruship and had him enthroned. It was at this time that Bhai Gobind Rai became Guru Gobind Rai Ji.

The most important contribution of Guru Gobind Rai Ji to Sikhism was the formal baptism ceremony. On Vaisakhi day, March 30, 1699, Guru Gobind Rai Ji started forming the Khalsa by baptizing the 'Panj Pyara', or the five beloved ones. Then Guru Ji asked them to baptize him. It was at this time that Guru Gobind Rai Ji became Guru Gobind Singh Ji. After baptizing hundreds of people, the Khalsa was ready. The Khalsa was a big step forward for the Sikhs. After being formed, the Khalsa fought many battles to defend themselves against mighty Mughal armies who were far superior in numbers and equipment. Another major contribution of Guru Gobind Singh Ji was compiling the Adi Granth, which included verses from the first five and the ninth Gurus.

After having fought many battles and having formed a Sikh brotherhood that would stand against anything, Guru Gobind Singh Ji knew that he had achieved his goal. With this in mind, Guru Ji declared that the Adi Granth would now be Guru Granth Sahib Ji. After doing this, Guru Gobind Singh left this world in 1708 at the age of 42 years.