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Sikhs Guru Har Krishan Ji (1656-1664)


Guru Har Krishan Ji


Guru Har Krishan Ji was the eighth Guru of the Sikhs and like his predecessors was God in the form of a human. Guru Ji was born at Kiratpur in 1656. His father was Guru Har Rai Ji and his mother was Mata Kishan Kaur. Guru Har Krishan's name at birth was Bhai Har Krishan.

Guru Har Krishan Ji was the second of two sons for Guru Har Rai Ji. His older brother was Sri Ram Rai but he fell out of his father's favor when he joined Aurangzeb's court. These were the circumstances under which Bhai Har Krishan became Guru Har Krishan Ji in 1661.

Guru Har Krishan Ji helped many people at a time when a deadly Smallpox epidemic was raging through Delhi. Guru Ji displayed great spiritual leadership and courage by going into Delhi and by being in contact with many ill people. Guru Ji served and healed many of the sick.

While Guru Har Krishan Ji was helping the sick, he himself contracted a severe Smallpox. This was partially because he was constantly near people who had the disease. Such was the way that Guru Ji went to his heavenly abode in 1664 at the age of 8.