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Sikhs Guru Ram Das Ji (1534-1581)


Guru Ram Das Ji


Guru Ram Das Ji was the fourth Sikh Guru and was God in the form of a human. He was born at Lahore in 1534. The Guru's name at birth was Sri Jetha. His father was Bhai Hardas and his mother was Mata Daya Kaur.

Sri Jetha was a very pious man and he gained the favor of Guru Amar Das Ji. Guru Amar Das Ji decided to marry his younger daughter, Bibi Bhani, to Sri Jetha. After many years of service to Guru Amar Das Ji, Sri Jetha became Guru Ram Das Ji in 1574.

Guru Ram Das Ji's major accomplishment during his seven year Guruship was to make the present-day city of Amritsar, which means Pool of Nectar. Inside the city, Guru Ji authorized the building of the sacred Pool of Immortality, or Amritsar Sarovar (Tank). Traders, businessmen, and craftsmen were encouraged to settle in Amritsar. The city soon became a big trading post and a religious center for the Sikhs. Another of Guru Ji's contributions was the Lawan, a four-part hymn that is recited at the Anand Karaj, the Sikh wedding ceremony.

Guru Ram Das Ji's building of Amritsar was a major contribution to Sikhism. To this day, Amritsar is the most important city in Sikhism, and it is the location of the holiest temple in Sikhism. The Lawan helped to formalize Sikh marriages. Guru Ram Das Ji left for his heavenly abode in 1581 and at the age of 47 years.