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Sikhs history - Banda Singh Bahadur Era


Banda Singh's original name was Madho Dass and he had many spiritual powers. He renounced the world lived in Nanded, South India. Guru Gobind Singh Ji reached there in 1708 and preached to him that renouncing the world may not be the right path, when the poor are being treated unfairly by the rich in this world. He became the Guru's follower and got baptized and changed his name to Banda Singh. Guru Ji sent him to Punjab in northern India, along with 5 Sikhs to fight the tyrants. He came to Punjab, collected an army and started attacking the small rulers of villages and towns. Ultimately, he had enough soldiers to fight with the ruler of Sirhind, who had mercilessly killed the two innocent young children of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The Sirhind army was composed of 25,000 men with cannons and elephants. Banda Singh had a smaller army with no artillery. But Banda Singh's army had something which other side lacked. They were ready to fight with religious fervor and to avenge the deaths of two innocent children of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. There was a fierce fight outside of Sirhind. Originally the Sirhind army started moving forward due to their superiority. Then Banda Singh prayed and used one of the five arrows given to him by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who asked him to use them during these times. It tilted the scales. Now Banda Singh's army started moving forward. Ultimately, Banda Singh led his army to victory in that battle. He entered Sirhind and punished the cruel rulers. The ruler of Sirhind got killed, as with many of his advisors. He established the first Sikh kingdom. He made his close advisors the rulers of Sirhind and other towns. He established a new fort near Nahan and gave it a name of Lohgarh. That became Banda Singh's capital.

Banda Singh ruled only short time but he made a great contribution for the poor people of Punjab. He ordered that ordinary peasants, who were doing agricultural work for the landlords, will actually be the real land owners. So he helped the poor and downtrodden people. He started his own currency in the name of Guru Nanak -- Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Banda Singh's kingdom stretched all the area of Punjab between Delhi and Lahore.

The Emperor of Delhi didn't like Banda Singh's rise. He ordered the Lahore ruler to collect all the army and attack Banda Singh. The Hindu and Muslim rulers of other towns and cities also obeyed to emperor's orders and joined the Lahore army. Banda Singh was in the Gurdaspur area when he was attacked from all sides. The Sikhs fought with bravery, but they were encircled from all sides. Ultimately, they fell back to Gurdas Nangal fort. There they remained encircled for eight long months. They ran out of ammunition and all rations. Many died due to hunger. The remaining were half dead due to hunger. Ultimately they were made prisoners in December 1715.

Banda Singh and 740 of his associates were brought to Delhi as prisoners. There they were given the choice to embrace Islam or get ready to die. All of them refused the forced conversion and were ultimately killed. Banda Singh and his four year old innocent child were brought out of prison. They were given the same choice but they refused. Ultimately Banda Singh's four year old son was killed and his the child's heart was forcibly put into Banda Singh's mouth. Then he was killed limb by limb. He was martyred in 1716.