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Sikhs Turbans - F.A.Q.

Sikhs Turbans


Q: What are Sikh turbans made of?
A: Sikh Turbans are made of semitransparent cotton fabric.

Q: How long are Sikh turbans?
A: Sikhs wear turbans of varying length, but most are generally between 15 to 20 feet. However, the turbans are very light and do not weigh much.

Q: How is a turban tied?
A: Adults usually wrap the length of the turban around the head five-to-six times in a clockwise direction and then tuck in the ends.

Q: Does the color of a turban mean anything?
A: No, Sikhs generally wear turbans which match their clothes because it is part of their dress.

Q: Do Sikh children also wear turbans?
A: Generally no. Sikh children wear a small piece of cloth, like a bandana, on their head called a "Patka". However, some children wear turbans also.

Q: Do Sikhs sleep in their turbans?
A: Since a turban is part of their dress, Sikhs wear it when they go out of the house. When they reach home, they may or may not wear a turban and they generally sleep without a turban at nighttime. However, some Sikhs sleep with a small piece of cloth, or Patka, on their head.

Q: When do Sikh children start wearing turbans?
A: There is no set rule but generally when they are in their late teens and start getting a beard.

Q: Do Sikhs wear turbans when playing sports or swimming?
A: Usually not as Sikhs prefer to wear a "Patka" when they play sports or swim.

Q: How long does it take to tie a turban?
A: About 5 minutes.

Q: Is a turban a kind of hat?
A: No, unlike a hat – a turban cannot be casually put on or taken off. It has to be retied, one turn at a time, each time it is taken off.

Q: Do Sikhs take off their turbans in public?
A: It is considered very disgraceful to take off a turban in public. Sikhs feel very offended if somebody takes off their turban or asks them to remove it.

Q: Is a turban a religious requirement or a social custom?
A: Sikhs don’t cut their hair, because they like to live the way God has created them. The turban is to cover the hair – so it is also a religious requirement. It is not a social custom.

Q: Do women also wear turbans?
A: Usually not. However, some baptized women wear turbans.


Sikhs Turbans